Japanese On Search: so

so sho ga roll, bolt of cloth; foot
sho so beginning, initial, primary
sho so place, location; numerary adjunct
so go upstream; trace source; formerly
sho so an ape, monkey; to spy, watch for; to lie
sho jo so dull, stupid, suspicious
so go, advance; to; die
so sho uneven
so sha elder sister, young lady
sho so stop, prevent; defeated, dejected
so sho suck; chew, masticate
so zo saku zaku the steps leading to the eastern door
so sho impede, hinder, obstruct; oppose
shin so what? why? how?
sho so all, together, mutually
so saku meat offered in sacrifice to one's ancestors
sho so a small table or tiered stand filled with meat offerings
sa sho so hawthorn
so zo to die
sho so chopping board or block; painted
sho so ulcer, carbuncle, abscess
sho so rocky, hilly, uneven
so ancestor, forefather; grandfather
so throne; bless; blessing, happiness
so su white (silk); plain; vegetarian; formerly; normally
so rent, lease; rental; tax
saku so seki jaku cut or engrave; a grave or tombstone
so rough, thick, course; rude
so sho sa sackcloth; female hemp plant
so sho class; section, department
so place; collect, arrange; employ
so zo sou jou coarse, rough, rude
so comb; brush
sho so maggots
yo sho so happy
so sho curse; swear, pledge
so accuse; sue; inform; narrate
shi ji sei sai so bad-mouth; criticize; defects
sho jo sha so weak, lame
so sou zou already; sign of past
so be reborn; resuscitate, revive
so neglect; careless, lax
so sho neglect; careless, lax
so butter; flaky, crispy, light, fluffy
sho zo so hoe; eradicate, eliminate
so rough, thick, course; rude
so bird's crop; wine pot
so sho rat, mouse; KangXi radical 208
sou so think, speculate, plan, consider
so go upstream, go against current; formerly
so model in clay, sculpt; plastics
so name of feudal state; clear
so model in clay, sculpt; plastics
so guileless, sincere, honest
so go upstream; trace source; formerly
so saku accuse; sue; inform; narrate
so the corp of a bird or fowl; fat
sho so neglect; careless, lax
jo so hoe; eradicate
sou so zo sho excellent horse, noble steed
so zo coarse, rough, rude
sou so scold, shout at
so revive, to rise again; collect
saku so error, blunder, mistake, wrong
so sho vegetables, greens
so sho foundation stone, plinth
so sho to spy; to watch for
so sho sa irregular teeth; discord
so su thyme; revive, resurrect; soviet
so su revive, resurrect; a species of thyme; transliteration of 'Soviet'
sho so toothache
so loquacious; nag
san zan so go in hurry, hasten; urge
shi sho so strain
so zo rough, coarse, big, rough