Japanese On Search: son

sun son inch; small, tiny; KangXi radical 41
son guess, suppose, conjecture
son zon exist, live, be; survive; remain
shiu shu shin son shun furrow in field, small drainage
son village, hamlet; rustic
son village, hamlet; uncouth, vulgar
shin sei sai son sen name of an ancient state
sen zen son zon flowing water
son 5th of the 8 trigrams; South-east; mild, modest, obedient
son to make, prepare, manufacture; workmanship; an arrangement
son shun sai push
son sen fence
son grandchild, descendent; surname
san son meal; eat
shun son san to light
son 5th of the 8 trigrams; south-east; mild, modest, obedient
sen son setsu sechi satsu aromatic herb; fine cloth
son respect, revere, venerate; honor
son evening meal, supper; cooked food
son monkey
sen shun son crouch
son diminish; impair; injure
shun son zon squat
shin san son uneven
son humble, modest; yield
son spirt out of the mouth
son economize; abide by, comply with
son meet
son aromatic grass; iris, flower
son goblet; jar, jug; lush
san son eat, dine; meal; food
son a goblet; a bottle, a wine-jar
son shun squat, crouch; idle about
son zon san cap
son ten barbel