Japanese On Search: you

丿 hetsu hechi you line; KangXi radical 4
you one; tiny, small
you ou ka young, fresh-looking; die young
you yuu infant, young child; immature
you use, employ, apply, operate; use
ei you long, perpetual, eternal, forever
you be pregnant, pregnancy
you sheep, goat; KangXi radical 123
you bawl, yell, shout, cry out
you path; river in Ningbo; Ningbo
you strange, weird, supernatural
ou you should, ought to, must
you commission fee
you 'male' principle; light; sun
yuu you like, similar to, just like, as
you die young, die prematurely
ou you iku to pull, drag, break off, to pluck (a flower); bent, warped; perverse, obstinate
kei kyou ei you brilliance
you obscure, dark, mysterious, deep
you discontented, dispirited, sad
ren shin jin you flag-sign of a tavern
礿 yaku you sacrifice
chou jou you frivolous; unsteady; delay
tou you pottery
you pretend, feign; false, deceitful
yu you ki moment, instant, short while
you ou misfortune, disaster, calamity
tou you dou cleanse; river in Gansu province
you yuu tou wooden figure buried with dead
ketsu you kechi page, sheet, leaf; rad. no. 181
chou you to worry; frivolous
you shou ocean, sea; foreign; western
ei you glory, honor; flourish, prosper
kou gou ou you cage, pen for wild animals
kou gou you bite, gnaw
you chou handsome, elegant; surname
you a table, flat pieces of wood, a slip, a leaf
you calamities, disasters; ormazda
ei you project; reflect light
you wonder, rove, stray; hesitating
you to open out, to expand; bright, glorious
you necessary, essential; necessity
you yo ryuu ru to swim; to move or rove freely
you obscure, secluded; refined
you oxygen
yuu ou you moist, wet, dampen
yuu you surge up, bubble up, gush forth
you to smelt; to melt
you mother-of-pearl
you ou ben men far, deep; sunken eyes; sad
you yu former or literary name for Nanning (in Guangxi)
you dip, ladle; ladle
un you non-standard variant of 職 , duty, profession; office, post
ou you cherry, cherry blossom
you yu name of bridge
you illness, sickness; indisposition
you looks, appearance; figure, form
ou yuu you sickle handle, branch
tou you pottery, ceramics
ou you kou kyou the scream or roar of a tiger; to intimidate; to scare
you yu tou tsu instigate, incite; to alarm
you itch
shun sui you the stride made by a man
en you drown; cover with liquid, steep
you yu a soft wood; to lay in stores of firewood
tou you pail, bucket, tub; cask, keg
you kiln; coal mine pit
you usual, common, ordinary, mediocre
you corner
you shou jou chou small light carriage
tou dou shou you profligate
you wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
yuu you well up; gush forth; rise
you ou en salt, pickle; be dirty
you ou en sickness; repeated
you scatter, spread; praise
you scatter, spread; praise; raise
you 'male' principle; light; sun
shu yu you to exceed; a state in Shanxi province
youu ou you to wrap and bind; damp; a book bag
you waist; kidney
you conscript labor, compulsory labor
you jackal; name of a tribe
you chou sou jou to fry in fat or oil. to scald
you roast; scorch; melt; flame
ei you luster of gem; crystal
you rising sun; sunshine
tou zu you yu bamboo pipe; fish hook
you a maid who accompanies bride to her new home; to escort; a concubine
shou you detailed, complete, thorough
you willow, poplar, aspen; surname
you chou shou small dish; window
ei you sun beginning decline; reflect
ei you color of the moon
you chou hire, employ, charter; servant
you chrysalis, larva
you yu oh
you wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
you wag, swing, wave; shake; scull
you to melt, dissolve; overflowing with
shou ju you laud, acclaim; hymn; ode
you yu harmony, union; harmonious
ou you the leg of a boot
you shou to drive out demons, etc., as was done at the new-year
ou you leather strap over horse's neck
you ulcers, sores; infection
en ou you dislike, detest, reject; satiate
you chou large hoe; surname; a spear brevium
you far away, distant, remote
you far away, distant, remote
you leap, jump
you yu wall; fortified wall; small wall
ei you ou pearls or shells strung together
you yu state in Henan province
you banyan tree
you shou shape, form, pattern, style
you precious jade
you precious jade
you melt, smelt, fuse; mold
you kyou kou the blaze of fire; dazzling
ei you glory, honor; flourish, prosper
you shou indolent, easy-going, lazy
you yu urge, incite, egg-on
you overflow; swirl, ripple; to be tosssed by waves
you shou leaf, petal; page of book; period
you type of grain, Polygala japonica
ei you shadow; image, reflection; photograph
yu you tou zu shirt
kyuu kou ou you agree
you shou shape, form, pattern, style
you brick kiln; furnace; coal mine pit
you raise, rear, bring up; support
ei you sacrifice
you kiln; coal mine pit
you ou female mandarin duck (Aix galericulata)
you ou hibiscus; Chengdu, Sichuan
you bright; radiant; thriving
you bright; flourishing
you leap, jump
you to obstruct
you yuu ou bright, glorious, splendid, flame
you ou should, ought to, must
ei you entangle, entwine, coil
you kyou owl
you embrace, hug, squeeze; crowd
kyou gyou you frontier, border; inspect, patrol
ou you long necked jar or bottle
ei you kei kyou luster of gem
yu you exceed, transgress; cross over
you shou jou leftovers, residue, remains
you shou thin plates of metal
shou you dried fish
you invite, welcome; meet, intercept
ei you sleet
you frontlet
you sing; folksong, ballad; rumor
you ou breast, chest; undertake, bear
you swell up; swelling; fat
you yuu yu chuu ju reason, cause
kou ou ei you high, steep; lofty, towering
you glorious, as sun; daylight, sunlight; one of the seven planets of pre-modern astronomy (the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)
you loss of the sense of smell
you yu marsh; pool; harmonious
ei you kei gyou polish
soku you family name; wine cup
you shine, dazzle; brilliant, radiant
en you satiated; contented
you waves, ripples, rapids; overflow
you sou to limp; walking; in motion
you chou jou nyou ou en to tuck in, to put the finger into, to put in, to stow away
you soar, fly, float; scatter
ei you kei kyou clear, pure water; lucid; glossy
ei you music
you fuse, melt, smelt; mold
you floating in air, drifting with wind
you ou kou carry meal to workers in field
jou bin you rope, string, cord; measure, restrain
shou you dried fish
you yu a large bell used as a musical instrument
you yu Ipomoea aquatica used as a vegetable
you flies
ei you tiny stream; swirl around; eddy
ou ei you a pot, pitcher; a small-mouthed clay vessel
you itch
耀 you shine, sparkle, dazzle; glory
you ou answer
ei you oppose, offend, run counter to
seku you to boil; to wash, to cleanse, to soak
ou you cherry, cherry blossom
you harmonious; pool; hall
you the nautilus; the ray
ei you a necklace made of precious stones
you yu a river in Shandong province; a sluice
you sparrow hawk; Circus species (various)
shou ju yu you a kind of tench
kyou ku you yu give, present; reverential
you yu breakfast; eat prepared food
ei you a tube to hold chopsticks
yaku you sacrifice
you i yui call
ei you swelling, goiter
you dimples
ei you a chin strap, tassel; to annoy, bother
you carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess
you ou eagle, falcon; Accipiter species (various)
en you nightmare, bad dreams
you ou the mango-bird; the Chinese oriole
ou you parrot