Korean Search: cak

cak spoon, ladle; unit of volume
cak to pour
cak act as go-between
cak cwu make; work; compose, write; act, perform
cak sa burn; broil; cauterize; bright
phyo cak handle of cup, ladle, spoon; name of a constellation
cak to be ashamed
cak name of a mountain in Shandong
cak to fry in oil; to scald; to explode
cak cek peony; water chestnuts
cak chayk oak; spinous evergreen tree; to clear away trees
cak yesterday; in former times, past
cak cut, chop, lop off
cak serve wine; feast; deliberate
pak cak noise of tramping feet
chak cak (Cant.) to jerk
cak sparrow
cho cak toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
cak coloured
cak graceful, delicate; spacious
cho cak vinegar; jealousy, envy
cak feudal title or rank
cak magpie; Pica species (various)
cak prattle, be glib