Korean Search: ceng

ceng male adult; robust, vigorous; 4th heavenly stem
ceng well, mine shaft, pit
ceng right, proper, correct
tha ceng strike, hit, beat; fight; attack
ceng sandbar, beach, bank, shore
ceng exhort or enjoin repeatedly
ceng display food for show only; sacrifice
ceng bowl of food; well
ceng tung lantern, lamp
ceng jingling, tinkling
ceng raised path between fields
ceng pitfall, trap, snare
ceng carbuncle, boil, ulcer
ceng court
ceng submit, show; appear; petition
ceng invade, attack, conquer
ceng a disease resembling neurosis
ceng decide, settle, fix
ceng government, political affairs
ceng hole; pitfall, trap
kwu ceng straight grain
ceng drunk, intoxicated
ceng virtuous, chaste, pure; loyal
ceng draw up agreement; arrange
ceng pavilion; erect
ceng clean, pure; cleanse
ceng nail, spike; pursue closely
ceng courtyard; spacious hall or yard
ceng to stand upright, straighten; rigid
ceng feeling, sentiment, emotion
ceng jade tablet
ceng stop, suspend, delay; suitable
ceng modest; supple
ceng law, commandments, regulations; (Cant.) to throw
ceng a club; a stalk; straight
ceng pure, clean, unspoiled
ceng shallow water, swamp; swampy
ceng display food for show only; sacrifice
ceng spy, reconnoiter; detective
ceng top, peak; carry on head; very
ceng banner or flag adorned with feathers; to signal
ceng table
ceng prove, confirm, verify; proof
ceng crystal; clear, bright; radiant
ceng door stop, door jam; touch; a prop, post
ceng thayng picture, scroll; one of pair of
ceng (of water) not flowing; clear
ceng river in Guangdong province
ceng pretty; attractive; graceful
ceng journey, trip; schedule, agenda
ceng feast
ceng kind of gong used in ancient times by troops on the march
ceng anchor
ceng hardwood; supports, posts
ceng pacify; appease; calm, peaceful
ceng spy, reconnoiter; detective
ceng pacify; appease; calm
ceng large, three-legged bronze caldron
ceng stalks of grasses, etc.
ceng small boat, dugout, punt
ceng eyeball; pupil of eye
ceng essence; semen; spirit
ceng lucky, auspicious, good omen
ceng hangover; uncomfortable
ceng essence; semen; spirit
ceng a sudden peal of thunder
ceng orderly, neat, tidy; whole
ceng make up face; ornament; quiet; (Cant.) pretty
ceng state in today's Henan; surname
ceng ingots, bars of metal; hurry
ceng quiet, still, motionless; gentle
ceng spindle, slab, cake, tablet
ceng type of willow; tamarisk
ceng pool in a river