Korean Search: chang

chang to create, to make to invent; to begin
chang chong chimney, funnel
chong chang chimney
chang establish, create; knife cut
chang light of sun; good, proper
chang establish, create; knife cut
chang a long day. bright. extended. clear
chang granary; berth; sea
chang establish, create; knife cut
chang guide, leader; lead, introduce
倀 chang bewildered; rash, wildly
chang prostitute, harlot
chang disappointed, dissatisfied
chang alarmed, agitated
chang sing, chant, call; ditty, song
chang mad, wild, reckless, unruly
chang window
chang roomy, spacious, open, broad
chang window
chang swell, inflate, expand
chang establish, create; knife cut
chang vulgar person, country man
chang cold
chang sad, broken-hearted, disconsolate
chang blue, dark green; cold
chang choke by smoke; irritates nose
chang plunder, rob, take by force
chang clear, manifest, obvious
chang cayng spear, lance; gun, rifle
chang iris, sweet flag, calamus
chang rise in price
chang smoothly, freely, unrestrained
chang tinkling sound tinkling of pendant gems
chang support
chang factory, plant, workshop, mill
chang tumor, boil, sore, wound
chang hold of ship; cabin
chang overcoat; down feathers
chang blue; green
chang walk rapidly
chang the silvery pomfret, Stromateoides argenteus