Korean Search: chel

chel tol protrude, bulge out, convex
chel to connect
chel to prick; to cut blocks, to engrave
chel wise, sagacious; wise man, sage
chel sad, melancholy, grieving, mournful
chel collect, gather up, pick up
chel sip, suck up; sob, weep
chey chel drag, pull; hinder by pulling back
chel a sage; wise; sagacious
chel iron; strong, solid, firm
chel iron; strong, solid, firm
chel chey patch together, link, connect
chel stop, suspend, halt
chel thoroughly, completely
chel omit; remove; withdraw
chel penetrate, pervade; penetrating
chel armor neckplates
chel a legendary animal; a greedy person
chel sip, drink, suck
chel wagon ruts, wheel tracks
chel iron; strong, solid, firm
chen chel smile