Korean Search: chen

chen stream, river; flow; boil
chen thousand; many, numerous; very; (Cant.) a cheater, swindler
chen sky, heaven; god, celestial
chen publication, periodical; publish
chen one thousand; leader of one thousand men
chen footpaths between fields; paths
chen oppose, deviate, be contrary to
chen green jade
辿 chen follow, pursue
koc kwan chen string; relatives; conspire
chen kilowatt; kilogram
chen Ormazda, god of the Zoroastrians; extended to god of the Manicheans
穿 chen penetrate, pierce, drill; wear
chen km
chen exuberant and vigorous foliage
chen shallow, not deep; superficial
chen flowing water
chen spring, fountain; wealth, money
chen cam silkworms
chen beautiful, lovely; son-in-law
chen kilogram
chen thin
chen bracelet, armlet
chen shallow, not deep; superficial
chen fence
chen trample, tread upon, walk on
chen madder, rubia cordifolia; reeds
chen ken repeat, reoccur; recommend
chen pant, gasp, breathe heavily
chen mean, low; cheap, worthless
than chen pant; many
chan chen compose, write, compile
chen trample, tread upon, walk on
chen monopolize; claim; arbitrarily; to dare
chen move, shift, change; transfer
chen lush vegetation, luxuriant growth
chen (in taoism) the heaven
chen finish, complete; solve; complete
chen sprinkle, spray; spill, splash
chen offer, present; recommend
chen explain, clarify, elucidate
chen chel smile
chen swing
chen saddle blanket