Korean Search: chi

chi measuring cup; wine container
chi hill
chi KangXi radical 153; legless insects; a legendary beast
chi measuring cup; wine container
chi govern, regulate, administer
chi afternoon; the sun in the afternoon sky; to decline
chi luxurious, extravagant
chi send, deliver, present; cause
chi stand erect, stand up; pile up
chi tremble, shiver, shudder, quiver
chi shame, humiliation; ashamed
chi price, cost, worth
chi shame, humiliation; ashamed
chi worm; ignorant, rustic; laugh
cha chi to differ; different, wrong; nearly, almost; an officer
ki chi man of sixty; aged, old
chi price
chi river in Shandong province
chi gardenia
chi place for worshipping the haven
chi hemorrhoids, piles
chi uneven
chi wait for; lay in
sik chi soil with large clay content
sik chi plant, trees, plants; grow
chi teeth; gears, cogs; age; a form of KangXi radical 211
chi toilet, lavatory; mingle with
chi spread one's clothes
chi go quickly or swiftly; hurry
chi stop
chi pheasant; crenellated wall
chi place, lay out; set aside
chi fine linen; fine hemp fiber
chi put aside, put down; discard
cha chi high, towering; irregular, rugged
chi young, immature; childhood
chi laugh at, ridicule, sneer; snort
chi foolish, stupid, dumb, silly
cing chi summon
chi black silk
chi to weed grass; land which has been under cultivation for one year
cing chi summon, recruit; musical note
chi teeth; gears, cogs; age; KangXi radical 211
chi a supply cart, covered wagon, dray
chi delicate, fine; dense
chi flag, pennant; sign; fasten
chi kite, horned owl; wine cups
chi 8 oz; an ancient unit of weight
chi strip, tear off, undress
chi burning-hot, intense; to burn, blaze; splendid, illustrious
chi young grain; young, tender
chi variant of 鴟 , kite, horned owl; wine cups
chi weed; shave
chi silly, foolish, idiotic
chi mullet
chi wine goblet made from horn