Korean Search: chok

chok ma to take small steps; Korean place name
chok urge, press, hurry; close
chok sok class, category, type; belong to
chok butt, ram, gore; touch
swu chok number; several, count; fate
chok name of an ancient state
chok order, tell, instruct, leave word
chwu chok hasten, hurry; be attracted to
chok candle, taper; to shine, illuminate
chok touch; butt, ram, gore
chok walk carefully; hesitate, falter
sok chok class, category, type; to belong to
chok skull
chok cut
chok straight, upright, erect, lofty
chok order, tell, instruct, leave word
chok simmer, cook over slow fire
chok watch carefully, stare at, focus on