Korean Search: cil

cil scold, shout at, bawl out
il cil indulge in pleasures; flee
cil nephew
cil stop, hinder; place near water
il cil (of animals) to eat grass
cil cel book cover; satchel or bag
cil repeatedly, frequently
cil to go up to. flourishing a superlative
cil cel niece
cil ant-hill, small mound; hill
cil order; orderly; salary; decade
cil illness, disease, sickness; to hate
cil fetters, shackles, handcuffs
cil cel stop up, obstruct
cil stumble, slip, fall down; stamp
cil leech
cil white hempen cloth worn by mourners
cil vagina
cil jealousy; be jealous of
cil vagina
cil ci matter, material, substance
cil furze; gorse
cil tungsten, wolfram