Korean Search: han

em han factory, workshop; radical 27
han ward off, withstand, resist
han an ancient place in the state of Wu
han perspiration, sweat
han drought; dry; dry land
han ham city in Hebei province; various
hang han to act contrary to
han rare, scarce; surname
han hatred, dislike; resent, hate
han boundary, limit, line
han courageous, brave; violent
han ward off, guard against, defend
han village
han pole; stick; club; pole as unit
han cold, wintry, chilly
han fence, barrier; defend; idle time
han kan peaceful, tranquil, calm
han the Chinese people, Chinese language
han courageous; martial; dignified
han refined, elegant, gracious
han dry by exposing sun
han elegant, refined; skillful
han writing brush, pen, pencil
han cleanse, wash
han to rage, run wild
han fence; surname; Korea
han snore loudly
han vast, wide, extensive
han the silver pheasant, Lophura nycthemera