Korean Search: hay

hay 12th terrestrial branch
hay to give; prepared for included in; embraced in
hayk hay examine into, impeach, charge
hay laugh
hay border, boundary, frontier
hay cough
hay a step, a terrace, a grade a ledge
hay baby, child; children
hay sea, ocean; maritime
hay cough; sound of laughter
hay hal injure, harm; destroy, kill
hay where? what? how? why?; servant
hay hyey together; be in order
hay should, ought to, need to
hay kay loosen, unfasten, untie; explain
hal hay alas!
hay model style of Chinese writing
kwa hay companion; partner; assistant
hay chin
hay skeleton, body; leg bone
hay terrify, frighten, scare; shock
hay gorge
hay harmonize, agree; joke, jest
hay government office, public office
hay idle, relaxed, remiss
hay a fabulous monster
hay unexpected meeting; encounter by
hay minced pickled meat; mince
hay salmon; spheroides vermicularis
hay crab, brachyura
hay allium bakeri; shallots, scallion
hay sea mist; vapor
hay to harmonize; to accord with; to agree