Korean Search: kal

kal kay beggar; beg; give
kay kal to beg for alms; a beggar
kal used in Korean place names
kil kal (Cant.) to guard (from Engl. 'guard'); a card (from Engl. 'card'); young and pretty (from Engl. 'kid')
kal why? what? where?
kal stalks of millet, corn
kal kel thirsty
kal kel thirsty, parched; yearn, pine
key kal raise, lift up; surname
key kal to set (a table); to install, equip; to lay (a foundation)
kal ay drink; shout, call out
kal tablet; a signpost
kal kyey stone tablet
kal kel put forth great effort; exhaust
hil kal fly upward, soar; contest; to rob
kal coarse woolen cloth; dull, dark
kal scorpion
kal edible bean; surname
kal wether, castrated ram; deer skin
al kal the chirping of birds loud laughter
kal used in transliterations
kal tribe
kal scorpion
kal crossbill, species of nightingale