Korean Search: kam

kam receptacle; KangXi radical 17
hum kam owe, lack, be deficient; KangXi radical number 76
kam sweetness; sweet, tasty
kam pit, hole; snare, trap; crisis
kam earthenware, earthenware vessel
kam kem tangerine, loose-skinned orange
kam cover over, hide; narrow-necked
kam childhood diseases
kam decrease, subtract, diminish
kam dark blue or reddish color
kam a pit, a hole, a snare, a danger; a crisis; a mortar
kam investigate; compare; collate
kam decrease, subtract, diminish
欿 kam discontented; sad; gloomy
kam to dare, venture; bold, brave
kam rugged
kam adequately capable of, worthy of
kam inlay, set in; fall into; rugged
kam subjugate, subdue, quell; kill
kam feel, perceive, emotion
kam supervise, control, direct
kam move, shake; (Cant.) to fight
kam foolish, silly, coquettish
kam to regret, remorse; dissatisfied
kam olive
kam watch, spy; overlook; look down
chim kam needle, pin, tack; prick; inject
kam mirror, looking glass; reflect
kam mirror, looking glass; reflect
kam niche, shrine