Korean Search: kan

kan oppose, offend; invade; dried
kan publication, periodical; publish
kan seventh of eight diagrams
kan crafty, villainous, false
kan pole; shaft of spear
kan sunset, dusk; evening
kan liver
kan inferior variety of gem
kan straw; stalk of grain
kan upright and strong; amiable
kan adultery, debauchery; debauch
kan letter, invitation; choose
kan look, see; examine, scrutinize
kan to give pleasure; pleased, happy
竿 kan bamboo pole; penis
kan sunrise; dawn
kan pursue, follow; expel, drive away
un kan precious stone
kan publication, periodical; publish
kan ken dry; first hexagram; warming principle of the sun, penetrating and fertilizing, heavenly generative principle (male)
kan ancient family name
han kan peaceful, tranquil, calm
kan interval, space; place, between
ken kan dry; dried, as opposed to fresh
kan stalk of grain; straw
kan yen choose; select; pick up; gather
kan trunk of tree or of human body
al kan revolve, rotate, turn
kan miserly, parsimonious, stingy
kan tree trunk; support, prop
kan brook, mountain stream
kan cultivate, reclaim, to farm land
kan sincere, earnest, cordial
kan remonstrate, admonish
kan brook, mountain stream
kan difficult, hard; distressing
kan epilepsy, convulsions
kan simple, terse, succinct; letter
kan gums