Korean Search: kong

kong labor, work; worker, laborer
kong fair, equitable; public; duke
kong opening, hole, orifice; great
kong achievement, merit, good result
kong high. to raise
kong in distress; a mound
kong together with, all, total; to share
kong attack, assault; criticize
kong empty, hollow, bare, deserted
kong supply, provide for; offer in worship
hong kong red, vermillion; blush, flush
kong fold hands on breast; bow, salute
kong centipede
kong precious stone; xian in Sichuan
kong offer tribute; tribute, gifts
kong large peg, stake; post, pillar
kong respectful, polite, reverent
kong fear; fearful, apprehensive
kong boorish, ignorant; urgent, pressing
kong Kongtong mountain
kong kang accuse, charge; control
kong naive, guileless, simple-minded
kong tire of wheel; band
kong cricket, locust; anxious
kong sound of footsteps
kong lever, pole, crowbar; sharpen; (Cant.) a wardrobe, trunk
kong ancient string music instrument
kong bind; firm, secure, strong
kong give, present; reverential
kong Jiangxi province; places therein