Korean Search: kyen

kyen dog; radical number 94
kyen hyen see, observe, behold; perceive
kyen shoulders; to shoulder; bear
kyen drain between fields, irrigation
kyen a drain between fields, irrigation; to flow
kyen rash, impetuous, impulsive
kyen hard, strong, firm; resolute
ken kyen strong, robust, healthy; strength
kyen drag, pull, lead by hand
kyen bamboo water pipe
kyen callous skin on hands or feet. blisters
yen kyen pig of 3 years
kyen kind of thick stiff silk
kyen send, dispatch; send off, exile
kyen cin to examine, discern; to grade; a surname
kyen evergreen oak
kyen tow line
kyen wrap
kyen to trap, snare
kyen cuckoo
kyen cocoon; callus, blister
kyen attached to, inseparable; entangled
kyen reprimand, scold, abuse
kyen skipjack, bonito
kyen the millipede sometimes confounded with the grow-worm; bright, clear