Korean Search: kyo

kyo obstruction of breath (qi) as it seeks release; variant of other characters
kyo skillful, ingenious, clever
kyo mix; intersect; exchange, communicate; deliver
kyu kyo investigate, inspect
cho kyo beckon, summon; recruit, levy
kyo beautiful, handsome, good-looking
kyo bite, gnaw
kyo beautiful, handsome, pretty
kyo cunning, deceitful, treacherous
kyo suburbs; waste land, open spaces
kyo hyo school; military field officer
kyo white; bright, brilliant; clear
kyo teach
kyo hyo (Cant.) an interjection used to berate someone
kyo teach, class
kyo twist, wring; intertwine; winch
kyo pit, cellar
kak kyo to wake up from sleep; conscious
kyo scaly dragon with four legs
kyo tall, lofty; proud, stately
kyo kak compare; comparatively, more
kyo stumble, fall down; wrestle
kyo final exclamatory particle
kyo footbridge; toll, levy; monopoly
ko kyo strike, beat, pound, hammer; rap
kyo hinge; shears, scissors
kyo sojourn, lodge
kyo cry loudly, yell, scream
kyo lucky, fortunate
kyo glue, gum, resin, rubber
kyo be haughty, proud, arrogant
kyo (Cant.) coincidental
kyo stuffed dumplings
kyo seductive and loveable; tender
kyo high pointed mountain
kyo disturb, agitate, stir up
kyo correct; to bend or twist; to feign; to raise (the hand)
kyo hyo (Cant.) a joint
kyo bridge; beam, crosspiece
kyo shout
kyo shark
kyo barren land; sandy soil
kyo correct, rectify, straighten out
kyo bite, gnaw
kyo buckwheat
kyo turn up, lift, elevate, raise
kyo sedan-chair, palanquin
kyo raise one's foot
kyo nimble
kak kyo to wake up from sleep; conscious
kyo mud shoe, sledge for the feet
kyo yo to chew; to bite
kyo hyo spirited horse; haughty
kyo disturb, agitate, stir up