Korean Search: kyu

kwu kyu nine
kyu cry, shout; hail, greet, call
kyu jade pointed at top
kyu to call; to summon
kyu to collaborate; to band together
kyu young dragon
kyu cut, slice off
kyu kyo investigate, inspect
kyu young dragon
kyu grand, valiant
kyu name of a county in Han dynasty
kyu stride of man; one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions
kyu a jade table conferred upon feudal princes by the emperor as a symbol of dignity and authority
kyu rules, regulations, customs, law
kyeng kyu a moment; a measure of area equal to 100 mu or 6.7 hectares; to lean
kyu cheekbone; path, road; intersection
kyu silicon
kyu thoroughfare, crossroads
kyu prime minister; to guess, estimate
kyu to raise one's head
kyu to step; a stride equal to half a pace
kyu in opposition; distant from; separated
kyu small entrance; women's quarters
kyu staring
kyu zelkova tree
kyu bending branches, bent limbs
kyu sunflower; measure
kyu name of a river in Shanxi; crafty
kyu river in Shanxi
kyu peep, watch, spy on, pry
kyu hole, opening, aperture
kyu flash; flashing; steal look
kyu grand, stately; secure, lasting