Korean Search: lwu

lwu narrow; crude, coarse; ugly
lwu tired; implicate, involve; bother
lwu surname; a constellation; to wear
lwu tears; weep, cry
lwu tears; weep
lwu humpback; surname
lwu building of two or more stories
lwu leak, drip; funnel; hour glass
lwu Goulou mountain peak in Hunan
lwu frequently, often, again and again
lwu used in onomatopoetic expressions
lwu building of two or more stories
lwu fistula, sore, ulcer, goiter
lwu lapel, collar; tattered, threadbare
lwu a mole cricket, Gryllotalpa africana
lwu Artemisia stelleriana
lwu drill for sowing grain
lwu thread; detailed, precise
lwu yu rampart, military wall
lwu carve, inlay, engrave, tattoo
lwu skull; skeleton