Korean Search: lyo

lyo to finish; particle of completed action
lyo consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients
lyo somewhat, slightly, at least
lyo companion, colleague; officials; bureaucracy; a pretty face
lyo fat
lyo few, scarce; empty, deserted
lyo surname; name of an ancient state
lyo to hunt at night by torches
lyo to flood; a puddle; without care
lyo nyo quarrel; dispute hotly
lyo used describe clarity of voice; resonant
lyo play with; (Cant.) to provoke
lyo shanty, hut, shack
lyo lift up, raise; leave, depart
lyo bright, clear
lyo distant, far
lyo to burn, set afire; to illuminate; a signal lamp
lyo smartweed, polygonum
lyo bright, clear; clear-sighted
lyo be healed, cured, recover
lyo wind round, rap around, bind
lyo unclear wine, wine with dregs
lyo fetters
lyo wind in high places