Korean Search: may

may every
may every, each
may sell; [NOT casing, shell, husk]
may thay po dull; dull-minded, simple, stupid
may mwun (Cant.) a dollar
may rose
may dusk; Mei river; Zhou dynasty place-name; (Cant.) to go underwater, to dive
may younger sister
may stalk of shrub, trunk of tree
mo may certain thing or person
may obscure, dark; darken
may dim, dark, obscure; blind
may bury, secrete, conceal
may berries
may plums; prunes; surname
may buy, purchase; bribe, persuade
may go-between, matchmaker; medium
may sleep; be asleep
may coal, coke, charcoal, carbon
may moss; edible berries
may plums; prunes; surname
may enzymes; (Cant.) soft
may sell; betray; show off
may mildew, mold; moldy, mildewed
may accuse, blame, curse, scold
may put forth effort, strive forward
may kind of forest demon, elf
may take a big stride; pass by
mwuk may be silent; final particle
may misty, foggy; dust storm