Korean Search: mo

mo hair, fur, feathers; coarse
mok mo tree; wood, lumber; wooden
mo mother; female elders; female
mo spear, lance; KangXi radical 110
mo make; seek, get; barley; low
mo countenance, appearance
mo male of animals; bolt of door
mo child's governess; matron
mo risk, brave, dare
mo equal
mo mok risk, brave, dare
mo maternal grandmother; midwife
mo insult, ridicule, disgrace
mo dim-sighted; dull, bewildered
mo may certain thing or person
mo to choose; to select; greens
mo mm
mo consume, use up; waste, squander
mo elderly person; very old, senile
mo a kind of ancient flag; old
mo pupil of eye; eye
mo reeds, rushes, grass; surname
mo be jealous of, be envious
mo hat, cap; cap-like tops
mo fine piece of jade
mak mo do not, is not, can not; negative
mo levy, raise; summon; recruit
mo mak countenance, appearance
mo spear
mo flowing hair of young child
mo gently touch with hand; caress
mo Huangdi's ugly concubine; nurse
mo trace, copy, duplicate; pattern
mo long for, desire; admire
mo a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
mo evening, dusk, sunset; ending
mo model, standard, pattern; copy
mak mo membrane; to kneel and worship
mo plan, scheme; strategem
mo rice snacks
mo a fly which is used similarly to cantharides
mo barley
mo scheme, plan; plan; be without