Korean Search: na

na that, that one, those
na but, how; bear, stand, endure
nay na but, how; bear, stand, endure
na take; bring; grasp, hold; arrest
na move, shift on one side
na nye drag
na take, hold, grasp; bring; with
na elegant, graceful, delicate
na which? where? how?
na horn, bugle; lama; final particle
na bare, nude; undress, strip
na spiral shell; conch; spiral
na yu weak, timid, cowardly
nan na difficult, arduous, hard; unable
na lazy, languid, listless
na net for catching birds; gauze
na glutinous rice; glutinous, sticky
na leprosy, scabies, mange; shoddy
na rich
na patrol; inspect; watch
na type of creeping plant; turnip