Korean Search: pan

pan pen reverse, opposite, contrary, anti
pyen pan conical cap worn during Zhou dynasty
pan half
ka pan falsehood, deception; vacation
pan companion, comrade, partner; accompany
pwun pan dress up; dress up as
pan pull; drag; right itself
pan Zhou dynasty school; disperse; fall apart
pan return, revert to, restore
pan mix
pan pwun distribute, large head
pwun pan large head; many; high; to divide, to distribute
pan fat, obese; fatty
pan look, gaze; expect, hope for
pan rebel; rebellion; rebellious
pyeng pan to combine, annex; also, what's more
pan class, group, grade; squad; job
pan boundary path dividing fields
pan sort, manner, kind, category
pan loop, catch; fetter, shackle
pan mottled, striped, freckle
pen pan to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
pan cooked rice; food; meal
pan pwun confer, bestow; publish, promulgate
pan to move
pan transfer, move, remove, shift
pan cooked rice; food; meal
pan tray; turn, rotate; search
pan Zhou dynasty school; disperse; fall apart
pan tray, plate, dish; examine
pan large rock, boulder; firm
pan scar, mole
pan pen surname; water in which rice has been rinsed; a river that flows into the Han
pan a striped, poisonous fly
pan pen a tributary of the Wei river in Shanxi
pen pan complicated, complex, difficult
pan coil; coiling, curling; occupy
pan climb; pull; hang on to
pan alum