Korean Search: pha

pha greatly desire, anxiously hope
pha cannot, be unable do, improbable; thereupon
pha tree
pha emphatic final particle
pha name of a river in Henan; Henan
pha hold, take; guard; regard as
pha father, papa
pha crawl, creep; climb; scramble
pha waves, breakers; undulations
pha loquat
pha to fear, be afraid of; apprehensive
mal pha turban, kerchief, veil; wrap
pha slope, bank, hillside
pha scar, cicatrix; birthmark
pha school of thought, sect, branch
pha glass
pha break, ruin, destroy; rout
pha bamboo fence
pha rake
pha plantain or banana palm; fragrant
pha old woman; grandmother
pha phi lame
pha guitar-like instrument
pha target; splashboard on chariot
pha lean one side; very, rather
pha spinach and similar greens
pha flowers
pha phi cease, finish, stop; give up
pha county and lake in Jiangxi
pha sow, spread; broadcast; case away, reject
pha white, grey; corpulent
pha put, place; display; swing, sway
pha winnower
pha embankment; dam
pha river in Shanxi province