Korean Search: phil

phil mok bolt of cloth; counter for horses
phil surely, most certainly; must
phil so roll, bolt of cloth; foot
pwul phil shake off, brush away; dust
pwul phil Buddha; of Buddhism; merciful person; Buddhist image; the dead (Jap.)
phil blame
phil fragrant; (Cant.) to eject
pwul phil shake off, brush away; dust
phil pi to seep out, excrete
phil ornament
phil end, finish, conclude; completed
phil smell, fragrance, aroma
phil writing brush; write; stroke
phil aid, assist, help; correct
phil used in transliterations
phil fragrance
phil strong horse
phil tartar horn; chilly wind
phil species of bean; piper longtum
phil wicker, bamboo
phil clear way, make room for; emp
phil Pycnonotus species (various)
phil leather arm guard
phil knee-pad