Korean Search: pho

pho wrap; KangXi radical 20
pho cotton cloth, textiles, linen
pho wrap, pack, bundle; package
pho throw (away)
pho spread, publicize, announce
pho carpenter's plane; plane, level
pho throw (away), abandon, reject
pho embrace, hold in arms, enfold
pho bubbles, suds; blister; soak
pho terror, fear; frighten; terrified
pho kitchen; cooking, cuisine
pho roar
pho crawl; lie prostrate
pho womb, placenta, fetal membrane
pho large gun, cannon; artillery
pho roast, broil; bake
pho arrest, catch, seize
pho acne
pho chew food; feed
pho garden, cultivated field
pho gun, cannon
pho bank of river, shore; surname
pho flee, run away, leave debt unsettled
pho a variety of rush; firm, enduring; to burst forth
pho long gown, robe, cloak
pho dried meat; preserved fruits
pho late afternoon
pho gourd; musical instrument
pho carpenter's plane
pho eat heartily; eat one's fill
pho to work hides; leather bag
pho huge; to admonish
pho violent, brutal, tyrannical
pho grapes
pho praise, commend, honor, cite
pho store, shop
phok pho violent, brutal, tyrannical
pho spread out, arrange; shop, store; place to sleep, bed
pho abalone; dried fish; surname
pho eat; dinner time; sunset
pho type of rush; vine
pho on duty
phok pho waterfall, cascade; heavy rain
pho the skate or ray
pho phok sun, air in sun, expose or dry in the sun
pho projecting teeth