Korean Search: pwun

pwun phwun divide; small unit of time etc.
pwun chey body; group, class, body, unit; inferior
pwun river in Shanxi province
pwun pan dress up; dress up as
pwun order, command, instruct
pwun dust, earth; a bank of earth; to dig; to bring together
pan pwun distribute, large head
pwun variety of elm with small seeds
pwun gas, vapor, air
pwun pan large head; many; high; to divide, to distribute
忿 pwun get angry; fury, exasperation
pwun run fast, flee; rush about; run
pwun basin, tub, pot, bowl
pwun fragrance, aroma; perfume
pi pwun bandits, robbers, gangsters
pwun powder, face powder; plaster
pwun in disorder, scattered, tangled
pwun straw basket, hamper
pwun foolish, stupid, dull; awkward
pwun benzene; luxuriant
pwun forge ahead; energetic; surname
pwun atmosphere; mist, fog
pwun run fast, flee; rush about; run
pwun burn
pwun an affluent of the River Yangtze near Kiukiang
pwun beams in the roof of a house confused, disordered
pwun kind of wood from which perfume
pan pwun confer, bestow; publish, promulgate
pwun ruin, cause fail; overthrown
pwun resent, hate; indignant
pwun spurt, blow out, puff out
pwun grave, mound; bulge; bulging
pwun strive, exert effort; arouse
pwun river bank; river in Henan province; gush
pwun manure, dung, night soil
pwun a variety of mole
pwun hemp seeds; plant with abundant
pwun chariot