Korean Search: sel

sel tongue; clapper of bell; KangXi radical 135
sel yey leak; vent; flow; reveal
sel yey leak, drip; vent or release
sel bits, scraps, crumbs, fragments
sel kyey assist, help, lead by hand
sel bridle; halter
sel snow; wipe away shame, avenge
sel build; establish; display; particle of hypothesis, supposing
sel cep beating of ocean; surging of wate
sel to sort out the stalks used in divination; to fold
sel lust after, act indecently; lewd
sel wedge; gatepost; foreword
sel sey yel speak, say, talk; scold, upbraid
sel small dish, plate
sel sey yel speak
sel dirty, ragged; slight, insult, treat with disrespect
sel kind of marsh grass; feudal state
sel burn
sel bite, gnaw; wear down, erode
sel codfish
sel nyel gnaw