Korean Search: sin

sin to fly rapidly
sin to state to a superior, report; extend; 9th terrestrial branch
sin high water, flood tides
sin top of the head; skull
sin minister, statesman, official
sin trust, believe; letter; (Cant.) small
sin smile at; sneer at
sin extend, stretch out, open up; trust
sin quick, hasty, rapid, sudden
sin early morning
sin body; trunk, hull; rad. no. 158
cin sin early morning; 5th terrestrial branch
sin bitter; toilsome, laborious; 8th heavenly stem
sin crowd
sin groan, moan; recite with intonation
sin much more, still more; the gums
sin smile, laugh at, sneer at; (Cant.) a final particle indicating doing something to the full extent possible
sin name of an ancient state
sin trust, believe; letter
sin spirit, god, supernatural being
sin pregnant
sin imperial; imperial palace
sin inquire; ask; examine; reproach
sin spirit
sin girdle; tie, bind; gentry
sin raw meat for sacrifice
sin early morning, daybreak
sin to advance
sin kidneys; testes, gizzard
sin long; numerous; a marsh plant whose root is used for medicine
sin marine monster which can change its shape; water spouts; clams
sin act with care, be cautious
sin new, recent, fresh, modern
sin to view others with raised eyes
swu sway sin cwul speak ill of, vilify; berate; interrogate
sin story, talk
sin crowd
sin cinders, ashes, embers; remnants
sin juice; liquid; water; leak, pour
sin fuel, firewood; salary
sin top of the head; skull
sin a kind of weed; faithfulness
sin farewell present