Korean Search: tam

tam collapse; landslide
tam eat, feed; chew, bite; entice
tam eat, chew, bite; entice, lure
tam name of a small ancient principality which was situated in what is now part of Shantung and Kiangsu
tam weak, watery; insipid, tasteless
tam ears without rims; a personal name
tam chim deep; profound; clear; tranquil, placid
tam rug, carpet, blanket
tam reach to, spread to; extensive
tam phlegm, mucus, spittle
tam deep pool, lake; deep, profound
tam talk; conversation; surname
tam a small jar; to bear a burden; a load of two
tam bite, chew; (Cant.) like this, in this way
tam an earthenware jar; a jug
tam become cloudy, overcast
tam calm, quiet, tranquil
tam carry, bear, undertake
tam long spear
tam peace
tam sacrifice offered at the end of the three years' mourning the death of a parent
tam gall bladder; bravery, courage
tam nettle
tam earthen jar or jug
tam surname; to talk
tam black, dark; unclear; private
tam an earthenware jar, a jug