Korean Search: thay

tay thay big, great, vast, large, high
thay very, too, much; big; extreme
thay i platform; unit; term of address
thay excessive; scour, wash out
thay yey cash; exchange, barter; weight
may thay po dull; dull-minded, simple, stupid
thay yey cash; exchange
thay surname; state in modern Shanxi
thay lift, carry
thay unborn child, embryo, fetus
thay dangerous, perilous; endanger
thay until, when; seize, arrest
thay idle, remiss, negligent; neglect
thay great, exalted, superior; big
thay moss, lichen
thal thay take off
thal thay take off, peel off, strip
thay bamboo rod used for beatings
thay a dam, a jock; inclined plane on a canal, where boats can be hauled up or down
chey thay seize, catch; reach, arrive
thay trample
i thay bequeath, pass on to future generations
thay manner, bearing, attitude
thay taiphoon
yey thay sharp, keen, acute, pointed
yey thay sharp
thay blowfish, globefish, tetraodon