Korean Search: tong

tong together, same; surname
tong winter, 11th lunar month
tong same, similar; together with
tong red, vermilion; name of ancient
tong a name
tong east, eastern, eastward
tong big; ignorant; rude, rustic
tong thong cave, grotto; ravine; hole
tong mountain in Gansu province
tong freeze; cold, congeal; jelly
tong aches, pains; be fond of; love
tong name applied various trees
tong the large intestine; the body
tong move, happen; movement, action
tong rainstorm
tong child, boy, servant boy; virgin
tong the main beams supporting a house
tong labor; work
tong copper, brass, bronze cuprum
tong page, boy servant
tong rainbow
tong high, lofty; damp
tong irresolute, indecisive; yearn for
tong direct, supervise; surname
tong lyen smelt metals
tong tree
tong the rising moon
tong pupil of eye
tong ancient warship
tong rattle of drums