Korean Search: wu

wu and, also, again, in addition
wu in, on, at; go to; surname
yu wu lose, fail; damage; deficient
wu friend, companion; fraternity
wu especially, particularly
wu cow, ox, bull; KangXi radical93
kwu wu area, district, region, ward
wu right; west; right-wing
wu feather
wu feather, plume; wings; rad. 124
wu house; building, structure; eaves
wu 1/2 pr stone
o wu doctrinaire, abstruse, unrealistic
wu dawn
wu help, protect, bless
hwu um wu 'OM'; bellow; (Cant.) dull, stupid
wu rain; rainy; KangXi radical 173
wu basin; cup
wu bend, turn, twist; distort
wu hwu taro
wu ancient woodwind instrument
wu legendary hsia dynasty founder
wu divine intervention, protection
wu concerned about, anxious, worried
wu postal, mail; post office
wu an alms bowl; a small bell
wu accidentally, coincidently; an idol
wu offer sacrifice for rain
kwu wu area, district, region, ward; surname
wu corner, nook, remote place
wu residence; lodge; dwell
ong wu the mouth of a fish at the surface of the water, gasping for breath
wu stupid, doltish, foolish
wu female deer; roe, doe
wu meet, come across, encounter
wu stone resembling jade; agate
chwu wu door hinge; pivot; center of power
wu plow side by side; team of two
wu sad, grieved; grief, melancholy
wu to walk alone; self-reliant
wuk wu moan; interjection for pain, sad
wu many
wu superior, excellent; actor
wu stag; herd
wu toothless rake for drawing earth over newly sown grain
wu lotus root
wu tooth decay