Korean Search: yeng

yeng long, perpetual, eternal, forever
yeng command, order; 'commandant', magistrate; allow, cause
yeng receive, welcome, greet
yeng prison, enclosure
yeng pity, sympathize
yeng dive; swim
yeng sing song or poem, hum, chant
yeng project; reflect light
yeng fill; full, overflowing; surplus
yeng glory, honor; flourish, prosper
yeng tinkling of jade
yeng state in today's Hubei province
yeng petal, flower, leaf; brave, a hero; England, English
yeng listen, hear
yeng species of antelope
yeng sing, hum, chant
kyeng yeng scenery, view; conditions
yeng encampment, barracks; manage
yeng bell
yeng sun beginning decline; reflect
yeng grave, tomb, cemetery
yeng luster of gem; crystal
yeng column, pillar; numerary adjunct
yeng lyen zero; fragment, fraction
yeng neck; collar; lead, guide
yeng repose, serenity, peace; peaceful
yeng lustre of gems; bright, lustrous
yeng glory, honor; flourish, prosper
yeng shadow; image, reflection; photograph
hyeng yeng lustre of gems; bright, lustrous
yeng river in Anhui
yeng entangle, entwine, coil
yeng to win; to have a surplus; surname
yeng rice tassel; sharp point; clever
yeng ferocious appearance; hideous
yeng baby, infant; bother
yeng high, steep; lofty, towering
yeng mountain ridge, mountain peak
yeng hyeng encampment, barracks; manage
yeng sleet
yeng music
yeng sea, ocean
yeng lizard
yeng win; surplus, gain, profit
yeng a necklace made of precious stones
yeng swelling, goiter
yeng a chin strap, tassel; to annoy, bother
yeng spirit, soul; spiritual world