Korean Search: yu

yu wu lose, fail; damage; deficient
yu to move on; coubtful
yu infant, young child; immature
yu cause, reason; from
yu interjection 'Alas!'; to sigh
yuk yu flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130
yu have, own, possess; exist
yu distant, far; adverbial prefix
yu 10th terrestrial branch; a wine vessel
yu tub
yu ancient form of the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches,
yu wine pot
yu moment, instant, short while
yu the vitreous glaze on china, porcelain, etc.
yu oil, fat, grease, lard; paints
yu ligustrum sinenese, tree
yu help, assist, repay kindness
yu breast, nipples; milk, suckle
yu the bleating of the deer
yu wide open eyes; to gaze in astonishment
yu big
yu chwuk pomelo, grapefruit
yu to swim; to move or rove freely
yu surname; consent, approve
yu name of a river in honan
yu quiet, secluded, tranquil; dark
yu soft; gentle, pliant
yu wart; tumor; goiter; papule
yu willow tree; pleasure
yu pen up; limit, constrain
yu surname; consent
yu forgive, pardon, indulge
yu knot; button; handle, knob; tie
yu flow, circulate, drift; class
yu stop, halt; stay, detain, keep
yu please; smiling; complacent
yu millipede
yu sparkling stone; glazed, opaque
yu only; yes
yu but, however, nevertheless; only
yu long, far, remote, distant; liesurely
yu tent; curtain, screen
yu to walk alone; self-reliant
yu metaphor, analogy; example; like
yu mountain recess; canyon
yu metaphor
yu granary; storehouse
yu sulfur
yu glaze
yu wander, roam, travel
yu plan, scheme; plan, plot; way
yu lift, raise; praise; hang; flap
yu like, similar to, just like, as
yu pleasant, delightful; please
yu rub, massage; crush by hand
yu to swim; float, drift; wander, roam
yu fat; fertile, rich; plump, soft
yu weeds, tares; undesirable, evil
yu elm tree
yu tinder
yu flawless gem or jewel
yu abundant, rich, plentiful
yu wander, roam, travel
yu go over, pass over, exceed
yu elm tree
yu slide, glide, slip; slippery
yu swu soothe, appease, pacify; carriage harness
yu more and more, even more
yu tassels hanging from hat
yu get well, recover
yu persuade, entice, induce; guide
yu to die in prison from cold and hunger; to treat with cruelty
yu a small door or window; a hole in the wall to cut through a wall
yu maintain, preserve, safeguard
yu dirty, useless, weak, powerless; cracked, a flaw
yu surname; kill, destroy
yu dogwood
yu blend, mix; mixed
yu window; lead enlightenment
yu shirt
yu Confucian scholar
yu lose; articles lost; omit
yu trample under foot, tread on
yu proclaim, instruct; edict
yu exceed, transgress; cross over
yu flatter, truckle
yu talk indistinctly and falteringly
yu black
yu kind of sturgeon, tuna
yu brass
mwu yu wind around, bind; prepare
yu immerse, moisten; wet, damp
na yu weak, timid, cowardly
yu child; blood relation; affection
yu caryopteris divaricata
yu get well, recover
lwu yu rampart, military wall
yu weasel, mustela itatis
yu tan, soften
yu drooping leaves; fringe soft, delicate
yu a mound, an embankment the earthen altar to the god of the soil
yu class, group, kind, category
yu yen eumenes polifomis, kind of wasp
yu short coat, jacket; fine silk fab
yu beg, appeal for help
yu appeal; request; implore