Mandarin Search: an3

ǎn personal pronoun, I
ǎn used in Buddhist texts to transliterate non-Chinese sounds; to eat with the hand
ǎn cover with earth; a pit; a hole
ǎn to cover (with the hand)
ǎn to plough the fields
ǎn eyes, closed eyes
ǎn (same as 馣) sweet-smelling, tasty; delicious, to farm; to cultivate the land, luxuriant or exuberant of growing rice, grains;; rice plants producing no fruit, to fertilize, the grains not growing; shriveled rice plants
ān ǎn small Buddhist monastery
ǎn àn to cherish anger, hard to understand, pretty, dignified; solemn, to make sheep eyes or passes; to converse with eyes
ǎn ān ammonium