Mandarin Search: bo1

legs; KangXi radical 105
issue, dispatch, send out; hair
(Cant.) classifier for soft masses
move; dispel; distribute
pour, splash, water, sprinkle
bēi waves, breakers; undulations
(Cant.) port (Eng. loan-word), 西矺 a sideboard (Eng. loan-word)
bān pán bǎn sort, manner, kind, category
bāo peel, peel off, to shell, strip
bào zhī zhúo páo noise of tramping feet
earthenware basin; alms bowl
bāo peel
earthenware basin; alms bowl
greave; knee-pads; buskins
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
fān pān fán pán to take turns; a turn, a time; to repeat
issue, dispatch, send out, emit
earthenware basin; alms bowl (Sanskrit paatra)
fish name
spinach and similar greens
pour, splash, water, sprinkle; violent, malignant
Boshan, mountain in Shaanxi
sow, spread; broadcast; case away, reject
move; dispel; distribute; plectrum, play stringed instrument
pān pán fān pàn surname; water in which rice has been rinsed; a river that flows into the Han
ferrule; cakes, biscuits
the bonito
pán a tributary of the Wei river in Shanxi
fán fān foreign things