Mandarin Search: cai3

bìan cǎi distinguish; KangXi radical 165
cǎi cài collect, gather; pick, pluck
cǎi corrupt; wicked, to hate; to dislike, (same as 猜) to be jealous and suspicious, cunning; crafty
cǎi gather, collect; pick, select
cǎi hue, color; variegated colors
cǎi name of a place
cǎi cài big belly, swollen of the belly
cǎi to trample, to step, to walk on the ball of the foot
cǎi step on, tread on; search for
cǎi notice; pay attention to
cǎi varicolored silk; variegated
cǎi (simplified form of 綵) varicolored silk; motley
cǎi kúi step on
cǎi chàn cakes; cookies; biscuits; pastries; dumplings