Mandarin Search: can3

zǎn cǎn a dual pronoun, I, you and me, we two
cǎn sad, pitiful, wretched; cruel
cǎn if, supposing, nevertheless
cǎn (simplified form of 穇) varieties of millet; panicled millet, ear of grain producing no fruit, short grains
cǎn sad, pitiful, wretched; cruel
cǎn chú xùan covetousness; greed; cupidity; avarice, licentious; obscene; to seduce
cǎn clarfied butter (regarded as symbol of Buddhist wisdom or truth), cream cheese, to sponge on others; to board
cǎn sorrowful, sad; already, nevertheless
shān cǎn deccan grass, a barnyard grass
cǎn very painful; agonizing (same as 憯) sad; sorrowful; grieved
cǎn (same as 慘) sad; sorrowful; grieved; miserable; tragic
cǎn grey black
cǎn sǎi eat, to bite, to gnaw, (a dialect) usually at the end of a sentence; tone (of one's speech)
cán cǎn to bend or lower of one's head; to bow (usually refer to submission or admission of a wrong doing), to take, to choose, to dwell, to stop
cǎn grey black