Mandarin Search: cen2

cén deep in the mountain
cén steep, precipitous; peak
cén qían zàn river in Shaanxi; murky torrent
cén yín (same as 霪) to rain cats and dogs for a long time, incessant rain
cén chè shè cooked or well-done; prepared or processed, to brew wine and store up for a long time, (interchangeable 酖) addicted to alcoholic drinks; to be imbibed or to indulge in (vices, etc.), to be infatuated with to be a slav e of
cén to incline; to turn on one side
cén jìn xín jade like stone
cén qían qín starting to put forth ears, a kind of grain
cén a small pebble; small piece of stone or rock, a stone door
cén (non-classical form) a kind of fish