Mandarin Search: ci2

words; phrase, expression
(same as 刺) to pierce; to stab; to irritate; to hurt
(non-classical form of ) to spread soil on the road, pave the road with soil, (ancient form of 堲) sickness; illness; disease
now, here; this; time, year
a kind of mineral
ancestral temple; offer sacrifice
chái a plant yielding a red dye
crockery, porcelain, chinaware
(same as 雌) female; feminine, a female bird, to dwell, to stop
(non-classical form of 慈) compassion; mercy; kind
(same as 蠀) grub ( a kind of larva); maggots, looper; inchworm; geometer
words; phrase, expression
thatching; caltrop, Tribulus terrestris
(same as 詞) an expression, words; phrases; a part of speech, tales; stroies, a form of poetry
grain offered in ritual sacrifice; millet
grow, multiply, increase; thrive
female; feminine; gentle, soft
words, speech, expression, phrase
kind, charitable, benevolent
sound of raining, a great fall of rain; heavy rain; it rained large drops
magnetic; magnetism; porcelain
words, speech; a sentence, an expression or phrase; a message
rice cake
name of a variety of bamboo
food made of crushed and cooked rice
䲿 (non-classical form of 鶿 ) cormorant
ashamed; bashful
(same as ) a kind of water bird; with black color, (same as 雌) female; woman-like
to accumulate or to store up rice, to purchase grain with public funds and store it against famine
words, speech, expression, phrase
qi water-chestnuts; caltrop
鶿 cormorant
the fishing cormorant
(same as 餈 粢 躄) rice cakes, rice to offered as sacrifice, the grains