Mandarin Search: cu4

chù zhòu (simplified form of 㥮) obstinate; stubborn; opinionated; obstinacy; stubornness; intransigent, truculent; savage, ferocious; fierce
soldier; servant; at last, finally
urge, press, hurry; close
abruptly, suddenly; abrupt
hasten, hurry; be attracted to
zùo toast one's host with wine; to express juice by pressing
urgent; pressed for time
feather, flying, neat feather
shù shǔ shùo number; several, count; fate
cùo error, blunder, mistake; wrong
jìu to eat to the full; surfeited
ashamed, restless; fidgeting; (a dialect) bashful, grievous; mournful; sad
urgently; hastily; hurriedly, a hasty speech
cǒu zōu what attracts one's attention
uneasiness, nervousness; level
shù shǔ shùo number; several; count; fate
vinegar; jealousy, envy
cùo error, blunder, mistake, wrong
rugged land of sand and pebble; poor and barren (of land) (same as 鏃) the barb of an arrow, arrowhead; the head of a javelin
zhòu chào zhōu crepe, crape, wrinkles, creases
còu chùo swarm, crowd together, cluster
cǒu hasten, hurry; be attracted to
còu chùo frame on which silkworms spin
wrinkled; contracted; to draw together, urgent; imminent; sad; sorrowful
urgent, suddenly; grieve, lament
kick; tread on; leap; solemn
to tread on; to kick
cùo (same as 錯) wrong; mistake; error; a fault, a blunder, to mistake, to be confused
(same as 槭) a kind of maple (Acer palmatum)
zhúo exquisite; fine, sharp; distinct, bright-colored