Mandarin Search: da2

strike, hit, beat; fight; attack
arrive at, reach; intelligent; smooth, slippery
grieved, saddened; worried
concubine of last ruler of the Shang dynasty
connected, joined; repeated
dǎn tán tǎn gall bladder; bravery, courage
a coarse mat of rushes or bamboo
wide piece of leather
fat; plump, a chill, a cold, malaria, a wart; a pimple, a round lump
hún hùn (same as ) insects, (same as 餛) cakes; biscuits; pastry, an ellipse
answer: small bean; thick
answer, reply; return; assent to
plantago major
arrive at, reach; intelligent
(Cant.) to get wet by rain; to drip
zhá brief note; official communique
zhá brief note; official communique
da pimples
zhì a scabbard; a sheath, a fine mats made from bamboo, (non-classical form of 靼) dressed leather; soft leather
a kind of tree (as plum)
inner shirt or singlet
a large boat
zhǎn white with black; black and beautiful, name of a county in ancient times
a stone build hydraulic measures ( to store and to vent the water) in ancient times, rocks in the mountain stream
zàn collect; small administration
da a knot (of a rope)
plantago major
a kind of bird, a flying young bird
zàn collect; small administration