Mandarin Search: di3

zhī name of an ancient tribe
zhé zhǐ mountain, (corrupted form of 底) underside; bottom; basis; foundation
slander, comdemn, reproach
official residence, residence of
resist, oppose; deny; off-set
de bottom, underneath, underside
chí an islet, a rock in a river; an embankment; to stop
to rebuke; to scold; slander
hidden; mysterious; secret, to conceal
gore, butt; resist
root, base; bottom of object
net; web; network, net for catching rabbit
zhǐ (non-classical form 砥) a whetstone, smooth, to polish
zhǐ a whetstone; to polish
(Cant.) place
ram, he-goat
(non-classical form of 邸) residence of a prince or nobility
gore, butt; resist; push
slander, condemn, reproach
(non-classical form of 柢) root; foundation; base, eaves of a house; brim
shí hold in hand; lift in hand
zhì a fish