Mandarin Search: dong4

dòng move, happen; movement, action
dòng (simplified form) rude; barbarous, stupid; dull, last name
dòng freeze; cold, congeal; jelly
yǒng dòng path; river in Ningbo; Ningbo
tōng tóng tǒng dòng big; ignorant; rude, rustic
dòng cold, indifferent
dòng a big piece of log to join the thick ropes; cable; used on a boat
tóng dòng Mountain in Gansu province
tóng dòng mountain in Gansu province
tōng dòng in pain, sorrowful
dòng (Cant.) to dredge or poke with a pole or stick
dòng a kind of protein
dòng main beams supporting house
dòng tóng cave, grotto; ravine; hole
dòng freeze; cold, congeal; jelly
dòng (Cant.) to trap; upright; a pile
dòng the large intestine; the body
dōng dòng rainstorm
dōng dòng place name in Guangxi province
dòng move, happen; movement, action
tòng dòng alley, lane
dòng peptone
dòng the main beams supporting a house
dòng tǐng straight upward of the wheat and rice plant
zhòng dòng muddy, turbid; milk
tǒng tóng dòng thick piece of bamboo; pipe
tǒng yǒng dòng tóng bamboo pipe; fish hook
dòng earthenware (jar with a small mouth)
dòng red color
dòng labor; work
tóng dòng chóng ketones
dòng unicorn
dòng loquacious, the sound of singing, to sing in a loud voice, loud
dōng dòng rainbow
dòng zhì used in girl's name, soft and tender