Mandarin Search: du4

jealous, envious
stop, prevent; restrict; surname
belly; abdomen; bowels
jealous, envious
dúo degree, system; manner; to consider
a spacious house, (corrupted form of 秺) bundle of rice plant, name of a place
chúi zhà (standard form of 蜌 詫) to sacrifice by pouring out a libation of wine
(Cant.) a place
cross, ferry over; ferry
chà to brag; exaggerated; to wonder at
dúo zhà (same as 蜡) year-end sacrifice of the Zhou Dynasty; imperial sacrifice of thanksgiving to the earth for crops, offered at the end of the year, the name varying in different dynastic periods
plate, coat, gild
shùi cuckoo; goatsucker or nightjar
grubs in wood, worms in books, clothes, etc. used figuratively of corrupt officials
túo lùo tùo a sack, a bag opening at both ends
dislike; be weary of; explain
plate, coat, gild
fine bamboo
moth; insects which eat into cloth
moth; insects which eat into clot