Mandarin Search: fei4

bìng bèi fèi sound of flying or speeding
fèi strong; healthy, to clasp under the arm, to persecute; to oppress, vigorous
fèi bark
fèi pèi lungs
fèi boil, bubble up, gush
fèi bèi wood shavings
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi baboon
bèi fèi pèi a two-years-old ox, ox with a long body, ox with long and big feet
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
fèi meat
fán fèi fèn sight blurred; unclear; dim
fèi flower; small; little; lush
fèi to castrate, a ram or he-goat, last name
fèi to pound (grain) in order to remove the husk
fèi exorcise, remove evil; clean
fèi féi prickly heat, rash
fèi a kind of tree, a harrow; a drag, a written contract or agreement; a bond; a deed, handles of spears or lances used in ancient times
fèi large rope; rope attached to bier
fèi straw shoes; straw door
fèi two brindled cows to plough face to each other, to cultivate; to plant after the second time of ploughing; (Cant.) to push lightly, flick off
fèi flutter; flower
fèi expenses, expenditures, fee
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi loquacious, to talk quickly
fèi féi fěi heat rash, prickly heat; ulcers
bèi fàn fèi (abbreviated form 癈) incurable disease
fèi fermium
fēi fěi fèi fragrant, luxuriant; the Philippines
fèi (same as 沸) boiling (water, etc.) to gush; bubbling up, (sane as 湃) the roaring of billows, name of a person
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi (same as 踣) to stumble and fall
fèi to strike; to fight with hands, to scratch lightly; to brush; to shake; to dust, to knock down; to floor
fèi to cut off the feet (one of the five punishments in ancient times)
fèi disheveled hair; similar to
fèi a tiny needle; thin pin; one of the nine needles used in Chinese medicine, (same as 扉) a door leaf
fèi abrogate, terminate, discard
fèi to meet; to run into suddenly; unexpectedly
fèi a string fastened to an arrow to draw it back after shooting
fēi fèi herring
fèi fermium
fèi coarse bamboo mats
fèi (non-classical form ) coarse bamboo mat, a kind of ailment, probably of a rheumatic nature, which causes stiff neck and backbone
fèi a kind of rice plant (not glutinous and with purple colored stalk), (same as 糞) to apply fertilizers